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Our video production concept provides high quality results with unrivalled cost efficiency. The client workload is kept at a minimum. Planning, media capture, editing, comments, final edits, localization, packaging and delivery. Our online tools support every step of the production process, helping you to easily manage several overlapping productions and provide input when needed, from anywhere at any time.

We have over 10 years of experience on producing video in office and factory environments. Use cases include for example product manuals, maintenance manuals, knowledge transfers and customer trainings. We have implemented over 1100 productions in a total of 16 different languages. Typically the end result is deployed for internal use in the client organization, integrated into existing IT systems. We utilize the latest technology and support most common standards (e.g. iPad and SCORM).

We do also run one-off productions for a variety of purposes, such as product and software demos, interviews, various HR-related topics (e.g. development discussions or training for customer meetings), expert lectures and seminar discussions.

Video manuals for work processes

Video manuals are compatible
with all types of devices.
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Our most recent productions

Multimedia demo of Nordea e-Markets service, a multilanguage production for Nordea Markets.

Online course with video lectures and tools for individual coaching on business plan writing.

RecIT Presentation
for internal training

Seminar capture
for internal training

RecIT Presentation
for internal training


RecIT Presentation
- The perfect solution for many different use cases.
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Video player

Player interviews were shot in front of a greenscreen. In editing, the questions were superimposed as text and other graphics, animations and sounds were added to the clips. The production process is very fast and affordable - almost 20 interviews were shot in one hour. Contact us for more information!

Work manual implemented using Recit Presentation combines video, still images and text. The manual can be viewed using computers, tablets or smartphones and it is easy to localize for multiple languages. We provide all services from producing the material to distributing it online. Our online tools support designing the materials and facilitate easy communication between all the stakeholders.